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Trillian Instant Messenger Client (new window)
Do you use Yahoo IM and AOL IM to talk to your friends? Or even ICU IM? Now you can talk to all of them using only one software. Trillian allows you to use your accounts on AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC to talk to your friends on those services. You no longer have to have AOL, YAHOO, and MSN at the same time. An advanced Pro version has more features, but the Basic version will serve nearly all of your needs.
Ad-Aware Personal (new window)
NO computer should be without Ad-Aware Personal. This Freeware will find Spyware, Malware, and other software that is causing your computer to slow down, or display ads (even when you aren't surfing the web!), or track your keystrokes, or any number of other malicious activities. Protect yourself today!
PuTTY (new window)
This is a great, straight-forward telnet client which is simple to use, but has a few options you can set. Make sure to select the right version for your system.
ExamDiff (new window)
One of the things I was always missing from Windows that I had in Unix/Linux was file comparison software. Now I have it. ExamDiff is freeware and will compare two files, visually showing you the differences. There is a Pro version that adds a lot of features which may well be worth the $35 to you.
1001 Fonts (new window)
Can't find a font you want to use? 1001 Fonts has a TON of fonts. Some are better than others, but they are all free!
Speakeasy Speed Test Speakeasy/Speedtest (new window)
Take the Speakeasy Speed Test and test your connection speed! By measuring the download and upload rate from the following locations you are able to accurately judge your current line throughput or internet connection speed.
More to come!
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