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This section contains many Banners, Branding (Logos and more), and Other Creative used by various companies and organizations.

Banner creative

While Banners are no longer the driving force they once were, they still command a presence on the web, and you would be hard pressed to find a consumer site that does not have them. This section shows off many Banners that I created for MetaReward and other companies and organizations.
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Branding creative

Branding is one of the most important elements in your web presence. Often, a company has an off-line logo that they have been using and repurpose it for the web. In other cases, branding is created for a new site from scratch. This section shows off many branding elements I have created for use in the online world.
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Other Creative

Other Creative pieces

Besides Banners and Branding, web sites are made up of many varied graphics to enhance the user experience. They are used as guideposts to help users find their way as well as supplemental elements to an article and much more. This section is devoted to the eclectic elements that make up much of the rest of a good web site as well as flyers and one-shots.
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