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Oroville Plastics Oroville Plastics Open in new window

This site uses PHP to display the products for this small businessman. His company makes the acrylic stands that sit under card readers at stores such as Longs, Rite-Aid, and BigO Tires. This is a site consisting of 6 pages (not counting the many 'virtual pages' for each product) which has gone through 3 revisions in 5 years. The front page also uses a flash image to show off several of his products.

Andresen Forensics Sciences Andresen Forensics Sciences Open in new window

This site also uses PHP for file inclusion for the menus. This site is made up of 10 pages of text of various lengths with no database or product listings. Dr Andresen is a renowned Forensics Scientist who started the Forensics Lab at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and, among other complishments, was instumental in finding evidence which convicted the Angel of Death in Los Angeles and created the Portable Mass Spectrometer.

Process Therapy Institute Process Therapy Institute Open in new window

PTI is a Family Therapy non-profit organization. I was requested to give their site a new look and feel but make it easily changable so they could make their own updates. The site is coded in HTML and PHP, using file inclusion and form submission checking. The site is rather large with over 130 pages, several of them form pages for feedback and class signups. Because of the large number of pages, a JavaScript menu was used for a 'dropdown menu' system.

Alexx's Sports Stop Alexx's Sports Stop Open in new window

This first version of Alexx's Sports Stop (currently residing at until it can be moved to another URL) was a quick 'get it working in hours' job which listed what kinds of products the store sells, where it is located, and a bit about the owner and his soccer training camps. This site will go thru a major revision once the owner is ready for the upgrade.

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Champion Soccer Exchange Champion Soccer Exchange Open in new window

This site was created for a small startup that would enable soccer youth to attend soccer training in Brazil. The company didn't take off, but about 1/2 of the site was developed before then.

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